Structural Discrimination: The Course of Life with Unequal Conditions

A society’s structure consists of its institutions and administrative systems but also of its members’ basic beliefs and traditions. This historically and socio-economically grown structure in our society will not change overnight. It has almost been burnt into our minds and perception but also into our companies and institutions. This force of habit is also the reason why gender equality may not simply be implemented by law but always needs to be actively worked for in various areas of our lives. In this graphic, we would like to show you some examples of everyday life where we still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to gender equality.

Sending a signal against structural discrimination – at work and at home

Here you can download a pdf version of our infographic on structural discrimination. Print it out, pin it to your door or your kitchen, send a signal against structural discrimination and raise awareness for the topic.

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More than Symbolism!

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