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Gender equality between men and women is held as both a right and a principle of our society. However, when we look at management boards, households, caregiving and bank accounts, a different picture begins to emerge. We find gaps which still need to be bridged. Full gender equality means that women have access and opportunity to achieve all the same things as men.

From March 2021 through March 2022, we will be publishing various content on the topic of gender equality. It is our goal with this project to explore, consider and discuss this topic collectively with our audience and maybe even find some answers to our questions.

Our Goals
01 Inform

Inequality is a fact which can be illuminated by many different numbers and statistics. Through our campaign, we seek to educate and inform.

02 Sensitise

Full equality is the goal of our project.
Let’s explore up new horizons together!

03 Mobilise

Inequality affects us all. It is a project for our society as a whole.
Join us in the fight for an equality without gaps!

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Gender Bias


„Not for women” and “Boys will be boys”?

It’s 2021 but gender stereotypes are still an integral part of our thinking – and often we are not even aware of them. We all fall prey to gender bias. The causes are numerous: cultural thought patterns, traditional norms, social assumptions and past experiences.
This bingo helps you uncover your hidden gender bias. Because reflecting and taking action are the first steps towards achieving equality.

Three approaches to combat prejudice

Know yourself!

We spend much of our lives in an energy-saving autopilot mode. It’s worth taking a closer look at the settings of this autopilot – because our implicit bias are deeply rooted in our unconsciousness. This makes it easier for us to filter the myriad of information, but it can also lead us astray with automatic generalizations and “mental residue”.

Trick yourself!

The best way to reduce prejudice is to deprive them of their basis. When applying for a job, for example, you can ask people not to mention their name, gender or attach their application photo. Thus we shift our focus towards the applicants’ qualifications and skills instead of their appearance.

Take your time.

Poor decisions impacted by unconscious bias are often the result of time pressure. That’s why it is recommended to define criteria before making important decisions and to take enough time to think everything through.

Me, you, he, she, they…we all have unconscious bias!

Our gender bias bingo is perfect to print as a poster and makes a great gift for your colleagues .We can only reduce prejudice if we deal with our blind spots. Spread the word!

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More than Symbolism!

Post your questions, hopes and demands via our hashtag #sendasignal or send us an e-mail with your story to hallo@zeichensetzen.jetzt and join the campaign.

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